ARC 28-37-4 Turn Brushless Inrunner Motor

Product Code: ARC-28374



These ARC motors, which are new to the market, are very smooth running with great performance. The 4 Turn would make an excellent choice as a replacement motor for a F-27 Stryker or a mild pylon racer set-up in a 400 Class such as a Sokol.


Diameter: 28mm
Length: 37mm
Turns/ Windings: 4 Turn
4 Turn @ 12V:
No Load Current: 0.7A
No Load Speed: 22,000 rpm
Rated Output: 170 watts
Rated Current: 20 amps
Rated Speed: 17,000 rpm
KV: 1800 
Weight: 80grams
200 watts max recommended power

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